Monday, 31 August 2009

Spiderweb Quilt

I'm really not sure what is wrong with me. I've got no more than three weeks until I give birth and I've not only decided to take up quilting, I've actually been to the really beautiful Liberty Bell in town and bought fat quarters! I'm not even sure what fat quarters are but I've bought 12 and cut some into strips ready to make my spiderweb.

It's now a race against time to make the quilt before I drop. If I don't it will go into a carrier bag and will be unlikely to ever see the light of day again!

The Big 4-0

I am now married to a 40 year old! It was Mike's birthday on Friday, not that he really wanted to celebrate, he doesn't really do birthdays. He is so difficult to buy for as well, so my fab sister made him a chocolate cake, yum yum. That was definitely his favourite present. Mike and I dropped Jacob off at nursery and headed for York. We had a stroll along the river and a wander through the shops and then off to see York Minster.
York is probably a bit too far to travel for the day in hindsight, we didn't have enough time to go inside the Minster. Then we got stuck in horrendous Bank Holiday traffic on the way home. Fortunately Grandma was available for an emergency nursery pickup.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Stockley Farm

Mike is on holiday this week. Typically though, the one day we have together as a family to go and have fun the weather is dreadful. So, yes I know everyone is extremely well wrapped up, but I can assure you that these photos were taken in the month of August! Jacob was very excited to see have ride on a tractor. At 38 weeks pregnant, I was definitely less than excited.

We got to feed some baby goats. Jacob has really little legs and can't reach the pedals, so Mike had to push him around.
How cute are these piglets, born at the begnning of August.
Jacob was a little surprised when this calf went in for a kiss!

The weather wasn't too bad in the end, just the odd shower and a bit windy.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


For our first anniversary my parents bought us a book on origami, as paper is the symbol attached to 1 year. I was feeling a bit fidgety last night, so as I had an hour before bed I thought I'd have a go. OMG it's really hard.

Here is my first attempt, the crane. According to the book this is a traditional design that many Japanese children learn to fold. I'm not sure i'd be able to do it again. There is something called the inside reverse fold towards the end, which I only achieved through luck.
My 2nd attempt was a lily. This one was a little easier but still very fiddly. Not sure I'll ever become an origami master

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Birthday Boy

Jacob was 2 on Saturday. Not quite sure where the time has gone! His cake was made by my amazing friend Abbie and tasted as good as it looked. I finished work yesterday. Can't quite believe I won't be going back after maternity leave this team, feels quite odd. I had some lovely presents. These flowers from my boss Andrew are just beautiful. I must blog more often. I have totally got out the habit.