Saturday, 16 January 2010

Recent Scrapbooking

Here are my layouts from December. I would normally upload them one by one as I go but, life has just been busy.

So, this one is from our day at Martin Mere feeding the ducks over the summer. This is based on sketch 165 over at pencil lines.

My brother graduated in 2008. I think I put this one off because I look so terrible in the photo, but finally bit the bullet early one morning in December while everyone was still in bed.

Another family day out in the summer holiday. A visit to Stockley farm. I think it might've been the only day that week when it rained, but was the only day Mike was off work. I used this sketch from Capture these Sketches blog.

I had this layout in my head from around the middle of December, but didn't manage to scrap it until Jan 2nd. This is a picture from Jacob's Christmas party in 2008, he is with his nursery key worker very reluctantly meeting Father Christmas. The idea came from The Studio December 16th challenge. You can read about it here. I didn't use any Christmas themed products for this layout (as per the challenge). 
I love this photo of Jacob and Daniel. Extremely posed, trying to take a good photo of thenm both from my nanna for Christmas.

Here is my sleeping beauty. I've been dying to crack open this pack of paper wimsies from sassafrass lass.
Hope you like them xx

Week 2 - Project 365

Well, here are my pics from week 2. I'm only half way through January and I'm already starting to find this hard work. Some days are easy but others I just don't know what to photograph. It would be easy to just take photos of Jacob and Daniel every day, but I'm resisting the urge to do that as much as possible, unless there is a specific story attached to that particular day.

So here is the 8 January. Daniel wearing about a million layers before we went for walk in the freezing but beautiful cold.

9 January. A picture of Jacob and his friend after swimming lesson with a big plastic cow. A couple of people have asked whether this is a real cow. As if I would let 2 year old's near a real cow that size!

10 January. Come on Ipswich! This game was being shown on tv on Sunday afternoon, so all three boys put on their shirts to cheer the tractor boys on.

11 January. Another day, another headache. This was the third day on the trot where my head really hurt.

12 January. A peek inside my shopping bag. Before Christmas I shopped with my sister, I'm really missing doing it in the evening with her. We need to start it again soon.

13 January. Jacob's balloons. He had three but burst one. He got them from his BSF class.

14 January. Chocolate fountain enjoyed with friends. This was a gift from a friend in the Caymen Islands. Very yummy.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

My 365

So, 2010, I've decided to photograph my year and do project 365. I shall upload my photos here on a weekly basis. A little late, but here is my first week of the year.

Happy New Year. We spent new year with great friends.
Early morning cuteness with Daniel and blue bear

The 3rd shall always be a self-portrait. This is a bit of a cheat I know, but we had been travelling and it was quite late when I took this, shall try harder next month.
Jacob being helpful and taking the decorations off a rather sad looking tree.

We had snow in Chester. (Yes, I know everyone in the UK had snow, but it's super rare for it to snow here.)

Wednesday brought a powercut, 2 hours were without heat and light. Luckily I managed to find some candles.

It took 3 days to convince Jacob to play in the snow. He still won't touch it!