Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Welcome Daniel George Shanahan

I know I've already blogged Daniels arrival, but as I am posting my Learn Something New Everyday pages, it would be wrong not to post this page. How cute, I'm pleased with this page.


Having contractions while looking after an exuberant two year old could've easily been a recipe for disaster. However, I was lucky that day to have been blesses with a well behaved, quiet, contented, cuddly boy. He was gentle with me, played with his toys nicely, sat on the sofa and cuddled me while we watched cbeebies and then when we packed him off to Grandma's went without any fuss, in fact seemed to treat it like an unplanned holiday.


The 15th September was the halfway point of Learn Something New Everyday. The prompt called for a page about yourself and what you are learning about yourself doing this project. I kind of cheated, I can't make my mind up whether I like what I've done or not, will try harder next year!

Gardening Techniques

Jacob and I spent the afternoon with my mum and my brother at their new house. My brother was keen to have a go at my mum's new tree choppers and shredder, and this bush was the casualty. He wasn't making much headway, so decided to take a running jump into the middle of the bush. It seemed to work as soon the bush was a gonner.

Sunday Sunshine

We thought we would make the most of the English Heritage Open days and get out and about. When we had a look on the website, the best place to visit on the Sunday was Norton Priory, which is a ruined monastery. Jacob really enjoyed running around in the ruins and through the woodland. I'm really pleased that we went out and made the most of the September sunshine.

Chocolate cupcakes

In the run-up to giving birth I baked a lot, mainly cupcakes and biscuits (and not all were successful) I think most women clean as their nesting instinct, but not me! These were my chocolate cupcakes, the recipe said it would make 12 and I ended up with 24! They were yummy though.

Cool Bargain

What an absolute bargain. We really needed a new fan for our bedroom, however being the laid back couple we are, we didn't get around to looking for one until September. So I managed to snap this one up at half price. How satisfying it is snapping up an absolute bargain.

Jumping Cat

Well, it seems like forever since I've done any scrapbooking but over the last week I have managed to put some pages together for my Learn Something New Everyday book. Unfortunately I had to use the flash to take this photo, I shall try to take a photo in daylight if I get chance.

I would like to introduce Tudur (it's Welsh). He is the new kitten of my friend Luci and as you can see he jumps extremely high.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

40 Minutes

It took 40 minutes to walk from here

to here

I thought it would take at least an hour to work from our house to mum and dads new house, so left plenty of time. I had left my car key at home so Mike could pick us up, it would be too far to walk home again.

So just under 40 minutes later, I had arrived. I walked most of it on the cycle path, I got off in Hoole and then walked along the main road. The new cyclce path opens next weekend so I might see if it is any quicker to walk further on the that path.

So I decided to do it again on Monday with both boys and the dreaded double buggy. (That thing weighs a tonne). It didn't take too much loger and I walked home again this time too. Not that Jacob or Daniel were particuarly impressed.

Pair of sleepy heads!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I spent yesterday afternoon with my mum and brother. When we arrived at mums house they were watching FlashForward, a new American drama, which we both really like. We started talking about British Actors in American shows.

Here is the list we came up with. If you can think of any more, let me know. They can either play a Brit or an American, that bit doesn't matter.

Joseph Fiennes - Agent Mark Benford
Jack Davenport - Lloyd Simcoe
Sonya Walger - Olivia Benford

Naveen Andrews - Sayid Jarrah
Dominic Monaghan - Charlie Pace
Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond Hume
Rebecca Mader - Charlotte Lewis
Sonya Walger - Penelope Widmore

Greys Anatomy
Kevin McKidd - Dr Owen Hunt

Ugly Betty
Ashley Jensen - Christina McKinney

Without a Trace
Marianne Jean-Baptiste - Vivian Johnson

Lie To Me
Tim Roth - Dr Cal Lightman

Alex Kingston - Dr Elizabeth Corday
Parminder Nagra - Dr Neela Rasgotra

Prison Break
Chris Vance - James Whistler

Hugh Laurie - Dr Gregory House

I'm sure we thought of some more, but I can't remember now. I'll ask Martin.

Thought of some more

Damian Lewis - Charlie Crews

Boston Legal
Tara Summers - Katie Lloyd
Saffron Burrows - Lorraine Weller

True Blood
Stephen Moyer - Bill Compton

Eli Stone
Johnny Lee Miller - Eli Stone

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hen Night

How brilliant is my husband! Daniel is only three weeks old and Mike let me go on Emily's hen night and leave him with both boys to contend with.

Here is a selection of photographs from the evening, including some "arty" shots taken by Abbie.
Here is the beautiful bride to be, Emily.
Here is Abbie, my fellow photographer for evening!
And here is one of her extremely arty shots.
And here she is demonstrating an upside-down self-portrait.
This is her side order of onion rings that were ordered to accompany her sun-dried tomato risotto.
This is a picture of me and Luci I took this one. Luci wanted to document her ridiculously small portion of coleslaw.
Ooh, another arty shot from Abbie.
Here is Abbie and Jen. Obviously I took this one, as Abbie is in it!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I Like Rice

"Jacob, eat some chicken"

"No daddy, I like rice"
Jacob has been a pain to feed since we weaned him (except at nursery where he eats beautifully) however over the last few weeks he's been brilliant, even asking for seconds of veg.

His new favourite food is rice. He will often ask for thirds and fourths. Yesterday he started asking for rice at 3:30pm. When I told him he would have to wait until daddy got home he climbed up and strapped himself into his chair. There were tears when i got him down and made him play with his toys.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A bit neurotic?

How did I manage to be the most laid back first time mum and then turn into the most neurotic second time mum?

Daniel has not yet turned three weeks but we've already been to the doctors twice. The first time was because of his infected tummy button and he was prescribed antibiotics and cream, so not neurotic. But today, I had decided that he had reflux so off to the doctors we went.

Well, I don't think the doctor could've made me feel any more neurotic if he'd tried. He may have a touch of reflux, but it's not bad enough to be treated. I felt totally ridiculous as I left the surgery.