Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pretty in Pink

How cute is this meringue pig.

We have a book in our house called '1000 things to do in Britain' I love it. No. 26 is 'Pig out at Judges Bakery' Every single item they sell is made from organically certified ingredients. The only snag is that it is in Hastings, which is a long way from home.

My lovely friend Emily is from Hastings and recently on a trip to see her family she popped into Judges and picked me up some pink meringue pigs. Thank you Emily.
Interesting fact - they are dyed with raspberry and beetroot juice.


Friday, 23 July 2010

Baby Elephant

We went to Chester Zoo on Wednesday to see the new baby elephant. He was only 2 days old. It was quite difficult to get any photos, as his proud parents were keeping him safely in between them, so we just managed to catch a few glimpses as they all plodded along.
We also saw a real rhino!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Spotty Baby

Here is Daniel with the chicken pox, I'm so glad it's out of the way. You can't tell on the photo but he was much spottier than Jacob.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Quick Question?

I started project 365 on the 1st January. I managed two weeks. I blame the bad weather, having two small people and my anxiety.

I really really wish I had carried on. I was going to wait until next year to start, then I thought maybe 1st September, then I thought, why wait I'll start today. (That was on Monday)

What do you think? Does it count? Or should I wait?

Jacob's crocs

I loved this photo and the story behindit that it had to be scrapped. I've had this cloud paer in my stash for ages and have dying to use it. I'm really pleased with it with this photo.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

West Kirby

Recently we had to drop off a geocoin that was after a seaview, so took the opportunity to go for a wander on the beach at West Kirby on the Wirral. Jacob collected a lot of shells

Monday, 19 July 2010

Bath Babe

Took some photos of the boys after their bath. I just love this one. I always find it hard to scrap a photo with little colour, so i was pleased when I came across this paper in my stash

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Cherry Bomb

Last week I printed off this photo to be scrapped. Then, the July scrap-a-go-go kit arrives with lots of lovely cherry stuff. Perfect.

Look at my new sign

Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A bit nervous

Our house is now sale agreed. We are in a complete chain of 6. We've been to arrange our mortgage this afternoon and now there is nothing we can do. We just have to wait on everyone else in the chain and respective solicitors.

I feel a bit sick and nervous. Can't wait to move though.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Sunny Sunday

Spurred on by my friend having her baby this morning we decided to walk into Chester today and buy all things pink. Which is not something I get to do very often, as I have two boys. Mike suggested we do some more rhino hunting while we were there. I was quick to agree, as this is my new favourite hobby.

Hope you enjoy the latest rhino installment.

10 - Romeo the Rhino
Artist: Isobel Kershaw and Community Friends, Sponsor: His Grace, The Duke of Westminster KG CB OBE TD CD DL, Donated to Chester Aid to the Homeless, Community Day Services and Volunteer Centre, Chester, Location: Frosham Square, Frodsham Street
9 - Blossom
Artist: Sarah Jane Richards, Sponsor: Cheshire's Gardens of Distinction, Location: Eastgate Street/Foregate Street
100 - Dee Rhino (mini)
School: Dee Banks School, Location: Marks and Spencer, Foregate Street, Chester
Inspiration: The winning design was created by our key stage 2 class of children with severe learning difficulties. The blue background with fish, trees and 'finger print' flowers depicts the nearby River Dee. This design allowed al of the pupils to participate in the decoration of the rhino.
22 - Rhinopedia
School: Waverton Community Primary School, Location: Marks and Spencer, Chester
Inspiration: After all the pupils were given the opportunity to design a Rhino, their results were very imaginative and impossible to choose from! The finished artwork incorporates most of these designs as flowing bands of knowledge wrapping around the rhino. He is a topical, historical, musical, geographical rhino and a whole lot more!
7 - Rhino Romano
Artist: Anthony Braniff, Sponsor: Bank of America, Location: The Ampitheatre
43 - Precious Commodity
Artist: Tracie Marshall, Sponsor: ITV Granada Reports, Location: The Roman Gardens
42 - Otis
Artist: Designed by Bob Berridge, painted by Angela Brady, Sponsor: Hickory's Smokehouse, Location: Hickory's Smokehouse, The Groves
41 - Cestrianocerous
Artist: Sarah Jane Richards, Sponsor: Chester Area Partnership Board, Location: The Groves, Souter's Lane
40 - LAWrence
Artist: Designed by Rachel Bernie, painted by Stacey Sumner, Sponsor: The College of Law, Location: The Groves, Souter's Lane
39 - Charity
Artist: Julie Dodd, Sponsor: Virgin Money Giving, Location: The Groves, Queens Park Bridge
37 - Unioceros
Artist: Samantha Quigley, Georgina Thomas, Nathan Tomlinson, Julia Elpers, Helen Coupland, John Renshaw, Sponsor: Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Chester, Location: Bridge Gate, Lower Bridge Street
32 - The Bulk
Artist: Angela Brady, Sponsor: Land Recovery and Enviro Skips, Location: HQ Nun's Road/Grosvenor Road
33 - Armour Plated
Artist: Groves Artist Mary Saifelden, Sponsor: ABode Hotels & Liberty Properties, Location HQ Piazza, Grosvenor Road
34 - Think
Artist: Sam Jones, Sponsor: Cheshire West and Chester Council, Location: HQ, Nicholas Street
24 - Roman Gladiator (mini)
School: Eccleston Church of England Primary School, Location: Grosvenor Museum, Chester
Inspiration: A member of staff from the Grosvenor Museum visited Eccleston Primary with Roman artefacts to stimulate the children's imagination. One class accompanied a Centurion in a walk around Chester before creating designs that featured a range of different aspects of Roman life such as mosaics and legionaries.
46 - Lurking in the Leaves (mini)
School: Overleigh St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Location: Grosvenor Museum, Chester
Inspiration: The children were fortunate enough to have worked with an artist from Grosvenor Museum to create their 'Roman Chester' rhino, reflecting beautifully the city's rich heritage.
36 - Deeno
Artist: Andy Harrington, Sponsor: Dee 106.3, Location: Grosvenor Street/Bridge Street
21 - Shocklach Patch (mini)
School: Shocklatch Oviatt Church of England Primary School, Location: Olio & Farina, Bridge Street, Chester
Inspiration: This interestingly named Rhino was created by pupils working with local artist Frances Connor. His name derives from his patchwork jacket of children's drawings. He bears the symbol of the school - the bell tower - and words that represent the children's thoughts after their visit to Chester Zoo.
115 - Chuck (mini)
School: Helsby High School, Location P&A Davies, Bridge Street, Chester
Inspiration: The environmental theme represents its designers concern about the environment and our responsibility to take care of it and look after the rhino. Chuck's jeans represent the young people of Helsby High and his abstract patterns show the school's creativity and and their link with the charity Afritwin.

It was much sunnier today than it has been all week, hence lots of window reflection for the mini rhino's. If I get chance I shall replace those photos with better ones.

Baby Girl

My friend had a baby girl at 5:15am this morning. Can't wait to hear all the details. Must've happened very quickly because she was born on the bathroom floor.

When I saw her on Friday I had an inkling that her little girl would be making an appearance this weekend.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jacobs Choice

Wednesday is a day of the week when we have no set plans, so I usually leave the decision up to Jacob, (within reason.)

"What shall we do today Jacob?"
"Don't Know"
"Shall we go and find some more Rhino's?"
"Yes, only one big one and one little one"

So, that was decided, I got my map out and decided on Grosvenor Garden Centre, where sure enough there is one big one and one little one.

What do you think of Wednesday's finds?

45 - Empathy 
Artist: Mish Mash, Sponsor: His Grace, The Duke of Westminster KG CB OBE TD CD DL. Donated to the Samaritans, Chester, Location: Grosvenor Garden Centre, Wrexham Road, Belgrave
103 - Derek (mini)
School: Brookside Primary School, Location: Grosvenor Garden Centre, Chester
Inspiration: The children in Year 6 have been working on the topic 'Is Planet Earth in danger?' and expanded on the theme by completing the 'Animals in Danger' survey at Chester Zoo. They chose to represent these vulnerable animals on their rhino, along with their need for our protection.
Thanks for all your lovely comments, it's always greatly appreciated.

A reminder of my rhino giveaway, which will run until 12th September. You need to create your own rhino themed post and then comment on my blog with a link to your entry. I will have some rhino mania themed goodies to give away.

If this is the first time you've come accross my blog and you would like to see more rhinos then click on the rhinomania tag to see all the posts.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Big Ones and Little Ones

I've been rhino spotting again today. I decided to try and do a few in order of the trail that they are on. I think I forgot to mention yesterday that in addition to the 62 big rhino's, there are also 116 mini rhinos, these have all been designed and created by local schools/childrens centres/pre-schools. They are in shop windows and hotel receptions and places like that. I managed to download their map today too, so I'm now officially on the hunt for them too.

1. Elvis
Artist: Martin Band, Sponsor: Bank of America, Location: Railway Station, City Road
2. Fleur
Artist: Rosalind Hargreaves, Sponsor: Wild in Art, Location: Brook Place, Brook Street
3. Guardian
Artist: Michael Haselden, Sponsor: Mill Hotel & Spa Destination, Location: The Mill Hotel Milton Street
98 - Stanley (Mini)
School: Mickle Trafford Village School, Location: Mill Hotel, Milton Street, Chester
Inspiration: Year 5 pupils used the uniqueness and individuality of 'the hand' as the inspiration for this rhino. The size of hands characterise each child's age and in joining them together in the artwork, they represent friendship and illustrate the support they give to one another.
 4 - Hollyoaks Omnibus
Artist: Nicola Windever, Sponsor: Hollyoaks, Location: Bars Roundabout, Foregate Street
18 - The Jolly Green Rhino (mini)
School: Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School, Location: Cotswold, Foregate Street, Chester
Inspiration: Guilden Sutton have described their rhino as simply a reflection of 'Nature and Spring!.
40 - Rupert (mini)
School: Barton and Weaverham Children's Centre, Location: Store, Queens Street, Chester
Inspiration: The inspiration for Rupert came from a real life baby rhino orphaned when the Zambize river was flooded to make way for the Kariba Dam. Young people and families worked on the design, with every child inscribing their name on the finished artwork as a lasting reminder of their creative communities working together.
88 - A Crash of Rhinos (mini)
School: Christleton Primary School, Location: Primark, Foregate Street, Chester
Inspiration: Wanting everyone in school to be involved in the Rhino Mania project, teachers gave every child the opportunity to create a rhino using a variety of different patterns and designs. These have all been adhered to the sculpture and represent the school mission statement of 'together we learn, together we celebrate'.
5 - Black and White 'Extinct'
Artist: Martin Band, Sponsor: Bank of America on behalf of WWF-UK, Location: Grosvenor Park, Grosvenor Park Road
6- Rhin 'o' clock
Artist: Becky Barnett, Sponsor: Chester Renaissance, Location: Chester Visitor Centre, Vicar's Lane
110 - Clucking Cara
School: Mill View Primary School, Location: Chester Rows Cafe, Chester Visitors Centre
Inspiration: A display was created in the school's communal area using the undecorated rhinos along with stimulating images and questions. The children suggested ways to decorate the two rhinos and the school council chose the top six proposals. The chosen design was a 'rhino of chickens' linking the project with the school's kitchen garden.
8. Safety Sally
Artist: Designed by Bethany Holland, painted by Christleton High School Year 9 students, Sponsor: Cheshire fire & Rescue Service, Location: St John Street/Little St John Street
24 - Linda
Artsit: Emily Lansley, Sponsor: NHS Western Cheshire, Location: The Cathedral, St Werbergh Street
22 - Rodney Rhino
Artist: Phil Crawford with Zak Graffiti, Sponsor: Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Location: The Cathedral, St Werbergh Street
20 - Peace & Freedom
Artist: Wendy Williams, Sponsor: North West Regional Development Centre, Location: The Town Hall, Northgate Street
19 - Lakes Alive
Artist: Anna Benson, Sponsor: Northwest Regional Development Agency, Location: The Town Hall, Northgate Street
I can't wait to go and find some more!

Don't forget my giveaway. All you need to do is create your own rhino related blog post and then leave me a comment with a link to your blog. The prize will be rhino mania goodies and will be drawn at random on 13th September.