Saturday, 3 January 2009

The crazy lady and an accordian

We had a very bizarre cup of coffee in Tesco today. When we arrived all seemed normal, but we had unwittingly sat between a crazy lady and her granddaughter and an accordion player, who didn't seem to speak English.

As we sat there, the lady came over and asked the accordionist to play her tune. She kept going on about how she loved the accordion, and just don't see them nowadays. So he started playing. He managed to get 30 seconds in when the Costa coffee lady, told him off.

Phew, randomness over... or so we thought. Crazy lady then asked me to put her granddaughter in her pram. I think I'm too polite. I put the little girls fleece on and then she climbed into the pushchair all be herself. The lady then thanked me for helping.

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