Saturday, 16 January 2010

Week 2 - Project 365

Well, here are my pics from week 2. I'm only half way through January and I'm already starting to find this hard work. Some days are easy but others I just don't know what to photograph. It would be easy to just take photos of Jacob and Daniel every day, but I'm resisting the urge to do that as much as possible, unless there is a specific story attached to that particular day.

So here is the 8 January. Daniel wearing about a million layers before we went for walk in the freezing but beautiful cold.

9 January. A picture of Jacob and his friend after swimming lesson with a big plastic cow. A couple of people have asked whether this is a real cow. As if I would let 2 year old's near a real cow that size!

10 January. Come on Ipswich! This game was being shown on tv on Sunday afternoon, so all three boys put on their shirts to cheer the tractor boys on.

11 January. Another day, another headache. This was the third day on the trot where my head really hurt.

12 January. A peek inside my shopping bag. Before Christmas I shopped with my sister, I'm really missing doing it in the evening with her. We need to start it again soon.

13 January. Jacob's balloons. He had three but burst one. He got them from his BSF class.

14 January. Chocolate fountain enjoyed with friends. This was a gift from a friend in the Caymen Islands. Very yummy.

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  1. the chocolate fountain was very yummy - i just love the photo of the 3 football watchers and supporters. great photo!