Thursday, 10 June 2010

Encouraging Friends

I belong the the most amazing homegroup. We often eat cake and drink tea. We also pray for each other and encourage each other in our life and our faith. A couple of weeks ago we had an encouragement night, everyone bought small gifts for each other. There was also a game of encouragement consequences. Unfortunately due to the chicken pox I was unable to make it. Luci very kindly brought my stuff around to me last night. I have yet to buy all my presents for my girlies but once we are no longer contagious I shall shop.

I thought it would be interesting to share with you their answers for me from Encouragement Consequences.

1. What qualities, skills and strengths does this person have?
Wisdom, knowledgeable, integrity, gentle, peaceful, natural, honest & genuine, creative, clever, problem-solver, resourceful

2. Name a funny moment you have had with them (or something close)
Pigeon poo on Abbie's head "Dirty Pigeon" "Those people are laughing at me still" "No that was us"
When you phoned us to say you had had a baby
The dress rehearsal for the choir (dressing up)

3. Describe this person in 3 words
Genuine, loyal, generous

4. What famous person do they remind you of?
Catherine Zeta Jones (determined and successful)

5. What colour do they remind you of?

6. How does this person make you happy?
By listening to your stories about the things other people have done that make us laugh

7. What animal would they be?

8. What would you say this persons spiritual gifts are?
Wisdom, insight - you bring clarity to situations, leadership

9. What flavour cupcake would they be?
Lemon Cupcake

10. If you could spend a day with them what would you do?
Go to the zoo, do some scrapbooking

11. Say something random about them
Teaches us about having babies

12. If they were a sport what would they be?

13. Write the first object that come to mind

A couple of explanations:

2. I had a Daniel in the afternoon, quite short labour, only had gas and air. I rang Abbie and said "Hi how are you? I had my baby today" She didn't believe me at first
When I said we had a dress rehearsal, someone thought we would be wearing costumes.

9. I have a great recipe for lemon cheesecake cupcakes

12. Apparently rugby, because I'm hardcore


  1. How lovely :-) I'm fortunate enough to belong to two different housegroups with very different members; they meet different spiritual needs! One of the groups (the all-women one) did an encouragement exercise a while back and I still have the card on which they wrote beautiful messages to me. I love the sound of this that you guys did :-)

  2. And I enjoy my present tonight! Thank you so much for the wwoden cockerels you must know I am fond of feathered friends! xx