Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hen Night

How brilliant is my husband! Daniel is only three weeks old and Mike let me go on Emily's hen night and leave him with both boys to contend with.

Here is a selection of photographs from the evening, including some "arty" shots taken by Abbie.
Here is the beautiful bride to be, Emily.
Here is Abbie, my fellow photographer for evening!
And here is one of her extremely arty shots.
And here she is demonstrating an upside-down self-portrait.
This is her side order of onion rings that were ordered to accompany her sun-dried tomato risotto.
This is a picture of me and Luci I took this one. Luci wanted to document her ridiculously small portion of coleslaw.
Ooh, another arty shot from Abbie.
Here is Abbie and Jen. Obviously I took this one, as Abbie is in it!

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