Wednesday, 21 October 2009

40 Minutes

It took 40 minutes to walk from here

to here

I thought it would take at least an hour to work from our house to mum and dads new house, so left plenty of time. I had left my car key at home so Mike could pick us up, it would be too far to walk home again.

So just under 40 minutes later, I had arrived. I walked most of it on the cycle path, I got off in Hoole and then walked along the main road. The new cyclce path opens next weekend so I might see if it is any quicker to walk further on the that path.

So I decided to do it again on Monday with both boys and the dreaded double buggy. (That thing weighs a tonne). It didn't take too much loger and I walked home again this time too. Not that Jacob or Daniel were particuarly impressed.

Pair of sleepy heads!

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  1. glad you getting out and about. Your buggy looks a mean machine.