Sunday, 20 December 2009

Special Delivery

A couple of weeks ago, when Jacob was poorly, I opened the door to the postman. He had a parcel for me.

I opened it up and inside,underneath the tissue paper was...

A lovely delicious collection of m&m's. Now, those of you in the UK will know that we don't get many different types of m&m's, often just the milk chocolate and the peanut. So I was super excited to receive the premiums (especially as husband doesn't really like dark choc or mint) and peanut butter, which I always request when anyone I know goes to the USA.

So, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Deb over at the fabulous PaperTurtle blog (check it out lovely craft and yummy treats) for her randon act of kindness. It made me smile all day.

On another note,can't believe it is Christmas on Friday. I still have shopping to buy.

On a final note. Well done Chris and Ola, very deserving winners last night on Strictly Come Dancing.


  1. Hooray! This was a nice surprise to see in the list of blog updates this morning. :o) I'm so glad you liked your little package and it sounds like it arrived at a good time when you needed a bit of cheering. Merry Christmas to you, Rachel. Good luck on getting everything done! <]:o)

  2. wow, yummo! we get mint m&ms in the shops, and recently had orange, but I was too sick to eat any :(... I just found a shop near us that specialises in imported lollies from th US and UK, it's on my list to check out when the kids go back to school in the new year... enjoy your choc!

  3. such a lovely parcel and even more special to have stuff that we can't normally get here. enjoy every packet.

  4. Ohh how exciting, I love american candy. I used to always get friends to bring me stuff back when they went on holiday as it reminded me of living in Canada! As Luci has said, enjoy every packet!

  5. Great package - I've never even heard of some of these varieties!