Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Poorly Boy

It's ages since I've blogged. I've got loads to blog about as well, so not sure why I've been so rubbish!

Last week I had a poorly Jacob.

He started with a temperature on the Saturday after swimming and didn't really improve over the next few days, which is very rare. On the Tuesday I took him to the doctors. We got sent to Children's Assessment Unit at our local hospital. He was very brave, there was medicine, oxygen and an x-ray. They diagnosed him with a chest infection and we were sent home with antibiotics.
Jacob, was not a huge fan of the medicine and it became an ordeal and a two person job to get him to take it. Anyway normal service has been resumed this week, back to nursery (hoorah).

Daniel was very good while I was focusing on his poorly big brother. He is getting into a lovely sleeping routine now and will go down for naps in the day. Sometimes short and sometimes long. We have lots of smiles when he is awake and he is now in his 3-6months clothes. How time flies.

Well, that is enough to read for one post. I'll be back with more stuff, including some Christmassy stuff, scrapbooking stuff and a lovely parcel that arrived last week.

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  1. so glad Jacob is all better now and Daniel is sooo cute when he smiles too. 3-6 month clothes now. wow! cant wait to see pictures of your parcel and your christmassy stuff.