Saturday, 28 November 2009

Squashy Soup

Jacob has recently decided he will eat soup.

As part of weaning you spend so much time trying to progress from smooth pureed vegetables, to small lumps, to food that can be chewed to eating family meals. It is then a bit odd trying to get them to eat soup, which in our house, is essentially pureed vegetables mixed with stock.

Squashy Soup, is roasted butternut squash soup. Jacob helped make it. He likes dipping his bread.

I mixed the squash with a tsp ginger and a tbsp of garam masala and then roasted it in olive oil for about 40 mins, then I blended it with vegetable stock, easy.


  1. I'm just getting into soup making and this sounds nice and simple must have a go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hooray for soup, say I :-)

    (Especially in weather like this - *shiver*!)

  3. thought you might like this... seeing as I know how much you love doing art at home!