Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A bit of a blur

I have to confess, the first couple weeks after Daniel was born were all a bit of a blur. I just about managed to keep up to date with my Learn Something New Everyday Journal with a view to scrapping things when life became less hectic. It was really interesting to go back and read some of the extremely hormonal things I had written. It is amazing how much stuff you forget about that first couple of weeks as time goes by.

So, here are my pages for the 18th, 20th and 21st. The 19th is to follow, I haven't printed the photo yet.

Breastfeeding had been a huge problem first time round. I was determined to do it but Jacob didn't have a very strong suck, so ended up being fed through a tube. It was a huge relief in that first 24 hours that Daniel was a natural at it.

The baby blues had well and truly set in by the 20th. Bring on the random crying, for absolutely no reason at all. In fact I spent a considerable amount of the day in tears. The only thing that stopped it was the bedtime routine with Jacob. I really enjoyed running his bath, putting him in and making his hair spiky with the shampoo, putting his pyjamas on, reading his story and putting him to bed. I felt normal for a whole hour.

For someone who would ideally like 12 hours sleep per night, having just a couple of hours really isn't good. The downside to Daniel being a brilliant feeder meant that he wanted to do it all the time at the beginning, which meant I just had to grab 40 winks when I could. I love my bed.


  1. I really like your blog design.

  2. Beautiful pages, Rachel! What a great record to have kept notes in those early days after Dnaiel's birth. I hope you're getting more sleep now :o)

  3. Congrats on getting caught up. Like the design of your blog (I'm here from Shimelle's)

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :-) I've been following yours since LSNED, loved what you did with that project - just haven't been commenting, sorry, but I have been visiting! Did I even say congrats when Daniel was born? (*ashamed blush*) Congrats!! Hope things are properly settling down now :-)

  5. Hello, just stopping by via Shimelle's class- good on you for keeping a blog up with a little fella to look after too :-)