Monday, 9 November 2009

I Don't Like Mondays

For the last few months I have been taking Jacob to Didi Dance on a Monday morning. We grew like a seed, we danced in a circle, we galloped and at the end we got a sticker. Sounds lovely don't you think. Well, if Jacob was a willing participant then yes it would be fabulous. Over the last few weeks he has got worse and worse, to the point today I decided that I didn't have the energy to fight with him. So instead we went to the local play barn (love these places). I had to renew his membership anyway and then I paid an extra £1 to join in with toddler morning. Juice & toast & activity (bargain).

It was great. Daniel went to sleep, so I climbed up with Jacob and we went to the top and then down the slide a few times, then he had some juice and toast and then we did some painting. I don't do painting at home and you can see why in the photo!

This would be the one and only time we have had paints out at home. There was more paint on Jacob than on the paper. I leave this activity to the professionals.

Anyway, so until this week I didn't like Mondays. I think we'll knock Didi Dance on the head and go to the toddler activity instead. Cheaper and less stressful. Win win me thinks.


  1. oh dear. I guess this is what I'll expect when
    my baby boy does painting in future! (:

  2. brilliantly told Rachel. Win win all the way, I agree. x

  3. Hi, just doing a little blog hopping, luv you cute design so warm and personable. Thanks for stopping by my place today :)

  4. Oh, I remeber those days well! When you have an unwilling participant with you the morning can seem very long! Thanks for dropping by my blog..I'm glad I came by yours because I've enjoyed your story telling.

  5. Too funny, children are wonderful!

  6. Here is an artist! I still do not like Mondays!