Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Baby Shower

Did you know that nappy cake is made out of actual nappies? Well, I didn't until I arrived at my baby shower to find my two tiered nappy cake pride of place in the middle of the table.My fabulous friends Luci and Abbie organised a baby shower for me. I was on strict instructions not to give birth before Saturday! Fortunately there was lots of scrummy cakes and scones to eat. There was also a hunt the parcel and a quiz. It was such lovely afternoon spent with fantastic friendsFor anyone who is interested in making one then there are loads of online tutorials.

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  1. it is very true that nappy cake is made out of real nappies! check out how to make them, various instructions available - daiper cakes - or baby shower - or buy them colour coordinated too! or ask me if you local...