Saturday, 5 September 2009

Think Pink

Before I tell you the story, just a quick confession. I didn't use left overs today. As I rarely get to scrap in pink I made the most of it and picked a full sheet of paper and chopped it up. I loved scrapping in pink though, so I don't feel that guilty.

How much was I looking forward to going girl shopping. I never get to do anything pink, especially now Mike's god daughter is older. So off I went to Toys R Us all optimistic that I would find loads to pick from.
Well ten minutes into the trip I found it really isn't that easy buying for a two year old girl who you don't really know. I had all but given up and was about to go down the safe book option when I spotted this tea set. Hooray, hope she likes it. Not sure why but blogger decided the photo should be in landscape, however it is definitely a portrait shot, so apologies if you a get a crick in your neck!
Another thing I've learnt this week doing the project. Sketches rule, thanks Shimelle, I think they are the only way I've managed to stay on top of things


  1. Funny, I could scrap in pink a lot, but dont really! And I actually love pink. Love the lo and the teaset. I am sure she will love it.

  2. Lovely layout. We were just invited to a 2nd birthday party this morning and when I asked my little girl what present she thought we should get she said a tea set, so I'm sure it's a winner!