Friday, 25 September 2009

Home Birth II

So, this time last week I was well and truly in the swing of things. Labour, well it really hurts! It was completely different to my hospital labour experience, on the whole it was a much more relaxed and natural experience. It went much quicker and I managed the whole thing with just gas and air - although at one point I would've taken the drugs!

So, after 5 hours 50 mins (official time) Daniel George arrived on our living room floor, a lovely healthy weight of 7lbs 12oz. We sat on the floor together for a little bit and then we went upstairs to my own comfy bed in my lovely quiet house.
We had amazing midwives who were fully supportive of our home birth decision. I am very lucky to be a completely average pregnant lady, with completely average labours.

And, although he doesn't think he really did anything, I really couldn't have done it without Mike. He was once again an amazing support physically (I have bruised his leg) and emotionally. Thank you wonderful husband.

Well, a week on and I am still feeling a little uncomfortable and am just getting used to surviving on much less sleep than I would like. However, I am making the most of having this beautiful tiny baby, because, blink and he'll be all grown up!

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  1. Fab news! Congratulations and welcome to sweet Daniel! I am well impressed on the home birth how wonderful! Take care and enjoy! xxxx