Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Quick Question?

I started project 365 on the 1st January. I managed two weeks. I blame the bad weather, having two small people and my anxiety.

I really really wish I had carried on. I was going to wait until next year to start, then I thought maybe 1st September, then I thought, why wait I'll start today. (That was on Monday)

What do you think? Does it count? Or should I wait?


  1. You start it whenever you like :-) 1st January is naturally the most common start date but people choose other dates for all kinds of reasons, sometimes a significant date, and sometimes just that it's the right time! I say go for it :-)

  2. Its a personal project really so all that counts is that you do whatever suits you :) I'd say go for it if you're feeling inspired to start now but there are no rules

  3. a year is a year, is a year... start whenever it fits for you... I started mine Jan first, after starting 3 times last year... I'm still taking photos most days, but I'm a little behind in the editing and printing... good luck, it's amazing, looking back on the snippets of life so far!