Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jacobs Choice

Wednesday is a day of the week when we have no set plans, so I usually leave the decision up to Jacob, (within reason.)

"What shall we do today Jacob?"
"Don't Know"
"Shall we go and find some more Rhino's?"
"Yes, only one big one and one little one"

So, that was decided, I got my map out and decided on Grosvenor Garden Centre, where sure enough there is one big one and one little one.

What do you think of Wednesday's finds?

45 - Empathy 
Artist: Mish Mash, Sponsor: His Grace, The Duke of Westminster KG CB OBE TD CD DL. Donated to the Samaritans, Chester, Location: Grosvenor Garden Centre, Wrexham Road, Belgrave
103 - Derek (mini)
School: Brookside Primary School, Location: Grosvenor Garden Centre, Chester
Inspiration: The children in Year 6 have been working on the topic 'Is Planet Earth in danger?' and expanded on the theme by completing the 'Animals in Danger' survey at Chester Zoo. They chose to represent these vulnerable animals on their rhino, along with their need for our protection.
Thanks for all your lovely comments, it's always greatly appreciated.

A reminder of my rhino giveaway, which will run until 12th September. You need to create your own rhino themed post and then comment on my blog with a link to your entry. I will have some rhino mania themed goodies to give away.

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  1. I haven't been yet to see all the rhinos looking at all your pics they look amazing! I shall go for a stroll hoping Cerys will enjoy it too!

  2. lol - my kids were thoroughly fed up of hunting for our version of this by the time I'd finished!! I'm glad Jacob's still interested :-)

  3. Those are beautiful. And how cute - only 1 big and 1 small one. hehe

  4. Those are some pretty cool rhinos!! We have something over here too but with polar bears and eagles!!

  5. I love Jacob's choice! the sillhouette and orangey one is really good and a great photo with Jacob stood by it too for perspective!

  6. loving the orange rhino and the cute boy stance!!!
    Jo xxxx

  7. Jacob look super duper cute next to those rhinos - you are cracking me up with your ventures!