Monday, 5 July 2010

Rhinomania - Join the Stampede

In Chester this summer you will find 62 rhino's throughout the city and surrounding areas. It is a public art exhibition which has been organised by Chester Renaissance and Wild in Art. I'm planning to find and photograph them all between 5th July (today) and the 12th September. I'm thinking that the two most elusive will be no. 62, which is 207.6 miles away from Chester, at Euston station and no. 35, which will start on Cuppin street but will be moving around, fingers crossed I manage to catch up with both of these.

As today was the official start of rhinomania we thought we'd aim to find a few. Decided to head out of the city and pick up the rhino's in Ellesmere Port Arcades and Cheshire Oaks. So here are the first six I've managed to photograph.

No. 51 - Brutus.
Artist: Tamzin Harris, Sponsor: The Port Arcades, Location: The Port Arcades, Mercer Way, Ellesmere Port. 
No.53 - While Stocks Last
Artist: Sara Corley,  Sponsor Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Location Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet 
No. 54 - The Wallower
Artist: Fiona Meakin, Sponsor: Wild in Art, Locaton: Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet
No. 52 - Rhino 999
Artist: John Kelly, Sponsor: Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Location: Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet
No. 55 - The Ladybug
Artist: Nick McCubbing, Sponsor: Wild in Art, Location: Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet
No.56 - Cheshire Set
Artist: Anthony Braniff, Sponsor: Doubletree by Hilton, Location: Doubletreeby Hilton, Warrington Road, Hoole.
I can't wait to go looking for some more.

Ooops, I nearly forgot. I thought I'd have a rhino themed giveaway. So all I need you to do is to have a rhino themed blog post between now and September 12th. Once you've blogged send me a comment, on any of my rhinomania posts with a link to you blog and i'll pick a random entry on September 13th.


  1. I like seeing the various animals on parade. I've seen pegasus and fish in some PA cities years ago. Pretty neat!

  2. Oh I love with cities do this! Very cool and great for Artists!

  3. Thanks for stopping by BEglorious! I love your Rhino hunt. Our city is the home of the North Carolina State University Wolfpack thus we had a wolf art project several years ago. Another town in our state has done pigs and yet another crabs. We saw salmon in Anchorage last summer! I have never heard of one where the creature art is spread beyond the "home" city, how very cool. I look forward to checking back on your progress. Hope it's a glorious adventure :)

  4. Oh, what fun! I hadn't heard about this one :-) I've done a similar hunt for a different creature near where I live - be warned, it gets very addictive!!