Thursday, 11 December 2008

Jacob in a box....

...the contemporary twist on the classic Jack in the box.
Jacob was playing with his empty washing basket, so I put him in it. He tried to crouch down and pull the lid down, but kept squashing his head. He then decided it would be easier to duck down and spring up in a peek-a-boo fashion. Very funny, except I was running his bath at the time and there ended up being a bit too much water in it.

Here is the postcard I received the other day from Dallas. I posted my Food and Drink swap postcards today, as well as the fashion magazines. I'm in a blog swap at the moment, so helloooo, if you've stopped by to check out my ramblings.
Not much else happening at the moment, I'm really really behind with my Christmas Journal, so I must must catch up. I've got some Christ Church things to do first tomorrow, so if I get through them then I can play. It's our work Christmas meal tomorrow night so I'll need some time to get ready for that as we are meeting in the pub at 5:30pm. When I told Mike, he said it was practically an all day-er!

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