Friday, 12 December 2008

Lots of Deliveries

Lots of deliveries today. First my new chair arrived. It is from Pier. I have always loved this chair, but we just don't have room for one in our house. However, as Pier is closing down I didn't have a huge amount of choice. It needed to be bought, my fabulous sister got me a really good deal and as she had someone going to pick something up anyway she had it picked up, stored at their unit and then delivered when they had a minute. Well, it may have been an absolute bargain, but we really really don't have any room to put it, currently it is taking up about a quarter of our living room. I'm going to ask mum and dad whether it can go into storage with their stuff when they move in January. All we need to do now is sell our house and move somewhere big enough for the chair!The next deliverie came from the parcel postman. There was my big yellow box from Scrap-a-go-go and a tube, which turned out to be some magazines from swap-bot. Iwas really pleased with my magazines, as I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that my swap partner was in Leeds! However, she has sent me three magazines and a bar of cadbury dairy milk yum yum. So, I have rated her as a 5 and given her a heart.My monthly subscription fro scrap-a-go-go is really lovely, some very christmassy paper and bits, with some gorgeous coloured crdstock, can't wait to have a play with those.
Then I received a couple of deliveries from the Early Learning Centre for Jacob's Christmas presents, which included his new red chairs. I hope he likes them.He slept the whole night through last night. I am very happy to have received an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Off on my Christmas night out in a couple of hours so I need to go and get ready before I pick up Jacob.

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