Friday, 19 December 2008

Smart Haircut #2

I took Jacob to the barbers on Wednesday. When it was first finished I thought it looked a little severe, but now I really like it. He looks quite grown up. The lady used clippers on the back of his neck and around his ears, he really seemed to like them. We went really early so we didn't have to queue.

It was Jacob's Christmas party yesterday. Here are a couple of pics. He loves dancing, especially to Bob the Builder.

Here is Jacob with Jessica, they are playing pass the parcel. Jacob got to unwrap a layer but didn't win.
Here he is meeting Father Christmas. Do you think he looks a little wary? Well there was a room full of happy children until he arrived. He was quite exuberant which I think frightened the children quite a lot!

I'm still receiving quite a few postcards and Christmas cards in the post. I'm really enjoying receiving them, but I'm enjoying being rated by the people I send to more. It's such a lovely buzz when someone really loves what you send and you get a lovely comment and a heart.

Pretty much all the online shopping has arrived. There has been a bit of an error with one of the shops. I ordered a plastic table for Jacob and they sent me a kitchen! Not sure what I should do at the moment.


  1. He looks great with new hair cut.

  2. Jacob really is quite darling :) Love his smile!