Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lots of Swapping

Well, I seem to be getting quite a bit of post this week from Swaps, Over the last couple of days I have received a few postcards and Christmas cards. I think my favourite postcard is the one below, which is an old photograph of women making American flags. Then below there is a Christmas card and below that are the postcards and Christmas card I received yesterday.

Jacob, has just learnt how to climb on and off his quad bike. Unfortunately however, his legs aren't quite long enough to go forward, even when he sits crooked leaning so one foot touched the floor. He seems to know in principle what to do though, so fingers crossed his legs grow a little bit.

I went to Becky's house on Saturday. It was a proper girls night in, there was mulled wine, chocolate cake and some festive crafts, which included, card making, chocolate truffles, peppermint creams and gingerbread. We even managed to watch SCD and X Factor.

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I am so glad you are into blogging to it makes me feel less odd! I love the pictures of Jacob as Jack in a box a few posts below!