Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bits and Pieces

Today has been a good day. I packaged up my magazines for my swap this morning so just need to take them to the Post Office.

Neen came around this morning. It was so good to sit and talk, not just about the little jobs but about all sorts. I have three jobs to do. I need to contact the local media about the Christmas events, Make bunting for the Newtown Reminiscence day and create a spreadsheet with the questionnaires, sounds simple enough. I think the bunting will be the most challenging and the most fun. Ike is coming tomorrow to give me the jobs for the Christmas Service sheets.

I did my Christmas shopping this afternoon, all online. I'm 90% there I think, it should all be delivered in the next week.

Had a swap postcard from Dallas today. I'll shall photograph it when I get a minute and put it on.

Off to bed now, got a bit of a headache and it needs to be gone by the morning, as Jacob will be at home with me tomorrow so I'll have to play.

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